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Sebastian Flowers
Data protection statement

As at: 12/2019 

This Data Protection Declaration gives you an overview of how Sebastian Flowers processes your data. It applies to all websites, apps and other benefits and services offered by Sebastian Flowers.

1. Which data does Sebastian Flowers process?

Sebastian Flowers offers you a wide range of services, which you can also use in a wide range of ways. Depending on whether you contact us online, by phone or otherwise and on which services you use, various data from different sources may come into play. Much of the data we process is provided by you yourself when you use our services or contact us, for example when you register and provide your name or email address or address. We do, however, also receive technical device and access data which is automatically collected when you interact with our services. This may, for example, be information on which device you are using. We collect further data using our own data analyses (e.g. within the framework of market research studies and customer evaluations). We may also receive data on you from third parties, for example for credit rating agencies and payment service providers.

2. What does Sebastian Flowers use my data for?

Sebastian Flowers processes your data in accordance with all applicable data protection laws. Of course, we observe the principles of data protection law for the processing of personal data. We therefore generally only process your data for the purposes explained to you in this Data Protection Declaration or shared when we collect the data. These are mainly purchase processing and the provision, personalisation and development as well as security of our services. We also use your data within the framework of the strict European data protection law, but also for other purposes such as product development, scientific research (especially in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning) and market research, for the optimisation of business processes, the needs-based design of our services and personalised advertising.

3. Personalised services.

The development and provision of personalised functionalities and services for you is our top priority. We offer you an individual shopping experience and a range tailored to your individual interests, regardless of location, time and devices used. The processing of your data to personalise our service is therefore an integral part of Sebastian Flowers’s service.

4. Individual product recommendations by email and push service.

In connection with our services we present information and offerings from Sebastian Flowers on the basis of your interests. You will receive these individual product recommendations from us regardless of whether you have subscribed to a newsletter. In accordance with legal stipulations, we preferentially use your previous shopping and interests data, which allow us to derive your product interests in view of the interests, preferences and profile data you have shared with us, to select individual product recommendations.

5. How does Sebastian Flowers use my data for advertising?

We and our advertising partners use your data for personalised advertising presented to you in Sebastian Flowers’s services and on other providers’ websites and apps. We and our advertising partners use the prevailing market technologies for this purpose. This allows us to advertise in a more targeted way in order to display as many adverts and offers to you which are actually relevant to you. This allows us to better meet our users’ needs as regards personalisation and discovering new products and to interest you in our service in the long run by providing a more personalised shopping experience.

6. Who is my data forwarded to?

Sebastian Flowers only forwards your data if this is allowed by European law. We work particularly closely with certain service providers, for example in the area of customer service (e.g. hotline service providers), with technical service providers (e.g. running computer centres) or with logistics companies (e.g. postal companies such as DHL). These service providers may generally only process your data on our behalf under special conditions. Where we use them to process orders, the service providers only receive access to your data in the scope and for the time period required for provision of the relevant service. If you shop with a Sebastian Flowers partner, we forward particular shopping data regarding you to the Sebastian Flowers partner (e.g. your name and your delivery address), so that the Sebastian Flowers partner can send you the goods ordered.

7. Which data protection rights do I have?

You have the following legal data protection rights under the relevant legal conditions: Right to information (Article 15 DSGVO), right to deletion (Article 17 DSGVO), right to correction (Article 16 DSGVO), right to restriction of processing (Article 18 DSGVO), right to data portability (Article 20 DSGVO), right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Article 77 DSGVO), right to withdraw consent (Article 7 (3) DSGVO) as well as the right to object to particular data processing measures (Article 21 DSGVO).

8. When will my data be deleted?

We will store your personal data as long as is necessary for the purposes named in this Data Protection Declaration, especially for the fulfilment of our contractual and legal obligations. We may also store your personal data for other purposes if or as long as the law allows us store it for particular purposes, including for defence against legal claims.

9. How we protect personal data.

Sebastian Flowers takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes. If you have the impression that your data is not properly protected or there are indications of abuse, please contact us via

10. Contact Information

Sebastian Flowers, Hotel De Russie, Via del Babuino 9, 00187, Rome, Italy.

Tel. +390632888855

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